There's no easier way to share family history with distant friends and relatives than to put it on the web. Go as digital as you like: display your family photo collection on a simple website, or upload audio, video, documents and other file types, tie in social media, and create an email list to keep everyone up to date. Waydack will work with you to select a platform that suits your budget and your technical skill. Or, hire us on an ongoing basis to maintain and grow your website once you're up and running.

Individuals & Families

Time to bring your historical society into the 21st century? Display your collection, post announcements, build membership, raise funds and collect dues on the web. Want to display a limited amount of information about your organization to the public, but also keep your Adirondack club members up to date? Create a website with a public foyer and a private login. Waydack will build the website you want on the platform you need, whether a basic freebie or a complex shop front. 

Organizations & Businesses
  • Websites

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  • Email Lists

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  • Branding

  • Social Media

  • Online Transactions


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