Individuals & Families

Studying doesn't come easily to everyone. Scholarship is a craft with a set of skills that can be applied across multiple fields of study. Waydack offers tutoring in the subjects of history, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and human geography for high school, college and continuing education students. We'll help you develop a system to organize your course resources, take efficient notes, develop a study schedule, and create well-written papers from research to final draft. 

  • One-on-One Tutoring

  • In-House Workshops

Organizations & Businesses

Learning isn't just for students and pupils. Waydack offers a series of practical workshops for historical organizations on the specific skills that together make up the general craft of history: research, collections care, archiving, digitization, exhibit-building, digital and print design, and event management. Schedule an in-house tutorial for your organization, or (coming soon!) purchase an online course with downloadable slide lecture, sample forms, and relevant resources. 

  • Online Courses (Coming Soon!)


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