Individuals & Families

Your family photos are now in order. Protect and promote them by turning them into digital files, a safeguard against damage to the originals and a quick and easy way to send them to far-flung family and friends. Waydack will scan your collection, save it to the medium of your choice, create a digital catalog, and advise on options for long-term storage. Take the next step and turn your digitized family collection into a family history website to share.

Organizations & Businesses

Give your corporate, club or society collection an extra layer of protection by converting it to electronic form. Waydack offers consultation services on digitization standards from file format to naming and storage to cataloging and display. Or bring Waydack on board  for your entire digitization process from soup to nuts. Waydack can especially help small organizations with limited resources to navigate the bewildering world of digital media without breaking the bank. 

  • Scan

  • Label

  • Index

  • Catalog

  • Search

  • Store

  • Backup

  • Disseminate

  • Display

  • Preserve


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