Individuals & Families

Tired of giving the same old shop-bought gifts for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries? Try a hand-made scrapbook, photo album or collage featuring historic family photos instead. Waydack will work with you to select display materials that suit your taste and budget, decide whether to use the project to safely archive original materials at the same time or make reproductions for distribution, and complete the project in time for your special event.

  • Posters

  • Postcards

  • Scrapbooks

  • Stickers

  • Invitations

  • Brochures

Organizations & Businesses

Turn your society, club, or company collection into a fundraiser. Waydack can translate your historic images into postcards, posters, stickers, scrapbooks and other keepsakes for sale, auction or raffle. Or, use your collection to educate and publicize. Advertise an upcoming event with a professional publicity campaign or help your patrons learn about local history through a series of brochures, booklets, flash cards or games. Choose digital, paper, or both.  

  • Booklets

  • Worksheets

  • Games


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