Individuals & Families

Bring your family history to life by going beyond the silent pages of the album or scrapbook. Make your family photos speak by recording the stories behind them. Waydack can help you organize a family oral history project, step-by-step. Identify knowledgeable contributors, plan your questions, select materials from the family collection for prompts, conduct your interviews, record them for posterity, and edit them into a format you can share: a podcast, a website, a digital slide show.

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Organizations & Businesses

Get it down before it's gone! Oral histories capture the vital experiences of your club, corporation or community in the voices of those who lived them, but many organizations aren't sure where to begin. Waydack can contribute as much or as little as you need, from basic consulting on selecting informants, securing permissions and preparing an interview to conducting, documenting, editing and disseminating the interviews themselves. 

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